Vendors: Advertise Your Deal

Ready to advertise your deal on Photo Deal of the Day?  We accept deals for anything photo-related.  Photoshop actions, overlays, templates, educational materials, photo business marketing materials, backdrops, equipment, and more!

The best part is, you only play one flat advertising fee!  The money you make on your deal is all yours to keep.

We advertise your deal on our blog, Facebook page, and email list for one day (24 hours) for a flat fee of $99 (Summer Special:  Just $49).  Here’s what you will need for your end:

1.  A link for customers to go to when they click on your deal from our blog, Facebook page, or email

2.  A way for customers to buy your deal (you collect all payments)

3.  A way for customers to receive your deal (you are responsible for delivery of your product)

We will need images to use for your ad and a link to send customers to.  It is that simple!

Ready to get going?  Send the details of your deal to


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