Music School Photography Marketing Plan

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music school photographyLearn how to contact and book portrait days for local music schools and private music teachers!  This type of photography is often overlooked, and can be very profitable!  This 10 page special report shows you how to get started, step-by-step.

Regular Price:  $19.99

Photo Deal of the Day Price:  $9.99

 Have you already photographed dance and karate schools and are looking for your next gig?  Music schools and private music teachers are the key to your next job!  These portraits are fresh, exciting, and can be very profitable!  In this special report, you will learn how to contact the decision makers at the schools and make them love you (the secret of what to offer and how to offer it is included).  Learn how to market your music school photography, set up photo and proofing sessions, and get creative ideas for your images.

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Fairy Portrait Magic

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Fairy Portrait BusinessFairy Portrait Magic

Regular Price:  $99

Photo Deal of the Day Price:  $59

Save $40!

PLEASE ALLOW 24 HOURS FOR YOUR MEMBER ACCOUNT TO BE SET UP.  You will receive your login information at your PayPal email address.

Your ONE TIME payment entitles you to a LIFETIME membership in the Fairy Portait Magic site. Here’s what is waiting for you in the members-only section:

1. The complete “how-to” video that explains each procedure (from creation to post-processing, to marketing and selling) the fairy portraits, STEP-BY-STEP. (no fluff, no filler…just the info you NEED to get started)

Here is just some of the info:

  • Equipment you will need and where to get it
  • Props you will need and where to find them (or how to make your own)
  • Exact lighting and posing setups including suggested camera settings
  • How to post-process your images with a few simple PhotoShop steps
  • Pricing suggestions and sample price list
  • How to keep everything organized during your portrait event
  • Delivery of portraits
  • Getting your business license if you don’t have one already
  • How to market your fairy portraits
  • Additional products you can offer to increase sales
  • How to get media coverage (sample press release included)

2. One PDF file of a “fill in the blank” ready-to-send marketing brochure featuring professional copy writing and my images (If you would rather use your own design and images, you are free to copy or modify all of my text and wording). You can send the PDF off to your printer and print as many brochures as you need!

3. One PDF file of a “fill in the blank” ready-to-send proposal letter (again, you are free to copy or modify the professional copy writing). Simply add your signature and telephone number and these are ready to send out to prospects who will be interested in hosting a portrait event!

4. One PDF file of a direct mail postcard that includes my images and professional copywriting. These are print-ready! If you would rather use your own images, you are free to copy my text and wording.

5. Three digital image files to use as samples, on your marketing pieces, and on your website.

Click on the “buy now” button below to join us on Fairy Portrait Magic today!


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Senior Marketing Revolution

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senior photography marketingSenior Marketing Revolution

Regular Price:  $39.00

Photo Deal of the Day Price:  $15.95


Learn how to reach seniors directly using their PREFERRED method of communication, and become the “Go To” photographer for seniors in your town!

The Senior Marketing Revolution is here!  Senior photography is a huge market and can be very profitable.  The hardest part is the marketing.  How do you effectively contact seniors and get them interested in your photography services?

Senior Photographers:  Learn how to use the power of text (SMS) marketing and Instagram to attract more senior photography clients!

In order to connect with today’s teens, you need to use the tools that they are using… texting and Instagram!  Both of these are powerful ways to reach seniors and build a relationship with them.

– full directions on how to get started immediately

– specific campaign ideas

– numerous marketing tips

– over 17 pages of content and ideas that will get you excited about marketing to seniors

– you can adapt this idea for other areas of your photo business (although it is PERFECT for seniors!)

Photo Deal of the Day Price just $15.95

Click on the “buy now” button below to purchase Senior Marketing Revolution.  The digital PDF file will be emailed to your PayPal email address within 24 hours of payment.  Thank you!

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