The Boudoir Photographer’s Marketing Guide

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Boudoir Photography MarketingToday’s Deal:  The Boudoir Photographer’s Marketing Guide Regular price:  $17 Photo Deal of the Day price:  Just $9.99 Click on the PayPal button below to purchase:

“STOP Wondering About How To Market And Sell Boudoir, Glamour, and Pin-Up Photography, and START Making Money With This Hugely Popular Portraiture Style!”

Portrait photographers, if you haven’t noticed, Boudoir, Glamour, and Pin-Up style photography is a H-O-T market to be in these days! Boudoir photography has been becoming more and more popular over the years. Are you ready to take advantage of this market, but don’t know where to begin?

Imagine being able to:

  • Fill your appointment book every week, even during the “slow season”
  • Create “word of mouth” buzz about your studio with minimal effort
  • Brand yourself as THE photographer to hire
  • Make women feel and look beautiful
  • Add a new style of photography that is a natural fit for your wedding clients
  • Have a product line that every woman wants!

This special report is filled with marketing and business tips to get you started right away. Please note that it is NOT a guide on technical photography aspects. 

Here is what you’ll receive when you order today!

Female vs Male Photographers and Making Your Client Comfortable Tips for male and female photographers…how to play up the female aspect, overcome the male aspect, and make your clients comfortable no matter what!

Marketing Your Boudoir Photography The full scoop on how to market these portraits that really sell themseves. Tips on designing your website, where to advertise, portrait events, and more! I’ve even included a few hot marketing tips that aren’t for the faint of heart! 

What To Do If You Don’t Have A Studio Turn this potential problem into an asset! 

Sessions, Product and Package Suggestions I’ll give you tips on what to include and where to find hot products

Pricing Don’t guess on pricing! I’ll explain exactly how you should decide on a price for each of your packages and items. 

Prop Suggestions Some creative ideas to get you going

The Pre-Session Consultation What to discuss and what to give the client before their session 

Proofing Projection? Online? What’s best for you?

Packaging Where to find great packaging and why it is important

Photography Effects Two things you shouldn’t be without!

The Boudoir Photographer’s Marketing Guide will be emailed to your PayPal email address within 24 hours.

Claim your copy today for just $9.99 (regularly $17). Click on the PayPal button below and get started with boudoir photography today!  Upon successful payment, you will be redirected to the download page for instant access.

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Music School Photography Marketing Plan

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music school photographyLearn how to contact and book portrait days for local music schools and private music teachers!  This type of photography is often overlooked, and can be very profitable!  This 10 page special report shows you how to get started, step-by-step.

Regular Price:  $19.99

Photo Deal of the Day Price:  $9.99

 Have you already photographed dance and karate schools and are looking for your next gig?  Music schools and private music teachers are the key to your next job!  These portraits are fresh, exciting, and can be very profitable!  In this special report, you will learn how to contact the decision makers at the schools and make them love you (the secret of what to offer and how to offer it is included).  Learn how to market your music school photography, set up photo and proofing sessions, and get creative ideas for your images.

Click on the “buy now” button below, and you will receive the PDF special report directly in your email inbox within 24 hours.



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Natural Light Project

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Natural Light Photography

Update: November 16 – this deal is back by popular demand!

The Natural Light Project
Regular Price:  $19.95
Photo Deal of the Day Price:  $14.95
Save $5.00

“Here’s how to forget the frustration of trying to use complicated lighting equipment, turn any location into your studio, and consistently produce gorgeous natural-light portraits in any situation!

  1. Why you MUST use the manual settings on your camera. This IS NOT as difficult as you might think…once you know the secret!

  2. The eyes have it! Get those bright, beautiful eyes every time! Easy, once you know what to look for.

  3. Location, location, location. The best locations to use, and why. Why certain locations can be a disaster while others enhance your portraits.

  4. Finding the perfect lighting situations…and what to do when conditions are not ideal.

  5. Why your “kit lens” usually won’t give you the quality you need. I’ll let you in on the lens that I LOVE for portrait photography (and it isn’t expensive!)

  6. Bokeh, baby! What it is, why you want it, and how to get it! (trust me, it is super-simple and will improve your portraits 100%)

  7. I will reveal my post processing techniques using photoshop that will make your portraits really pop!

  8. How to finally get rid of unwanted shadows and dark eye sockets forever!

  9. How to set up your natural light studio (what light is best and where to position your subject and camera)

  10. The difference between types of reflectors – and when to use each

  11. How to scout for the perfect lighting situations

  12. How to position your subject for the best light, no matter what time of day

  13. What to do if you’re stuck shooting in full sun AND MORE!

Click on the “buy now” button below to purchase this deal for just $14.95

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